What's New at Indigo Fragrance ?


02/23/18-  Be sure to like us on Facebook for all the latest news, updates and sale information. Yes, those infamous flash sales are announced ONLY on our Facebook page !


01/10/18- New fragrance oil added ! Pothead makes it's debut today ! You can find it Right Here!


12/15/17- By popular request, we have now added Sakuraa to our line ! This is our professional interpretation of Sakura by Lush Cosmetics. (We are not affiliated with Lush). Sakuraa makes its debut Right Here!


10/27/17- Two new Lush Type fragrances have arrived ! Iced Wine Lush Type can be purchased right Right Here and Devils Nightcap Lush Type can be found Right Here !


10/22/17-  We have started adding MSDS documentation as well as EU Allergen information to our website ! This is a huge undertaking and we appreciate your patience as we work hard to bring all documentation online for each of our fragrance oils for our customers convenience.


10/08/17- Two new fragrances have arrived ! Winter Bath and Body Works Type Type can be purchased right Right Here and Merry Berry Christmas Bath and Body Works Type can be found Right Here !


09/10/17- Another brand new Lush dupe makes it's debut today ! Frozen Type can be purchased right Right Here !


09/09/17- Black Cherry Merlot Type fragrance oil has arrived ! We just added this one by popular demand ! You can find that Right Here !


09/05/17-  Stay tuned ! Two new fragrance oils coming very soon !


04/04/17- We have now added a product review system ! Reviews from other customers can be a great tool in helping you select which new fragrances you would like to try ! This information will also be invaluable to us to learn which fragrances are trending, what our customers would like to see more of, etc.




Our goal at Indigo Fragrances is to offer quality, affordable fragrance oils and fragrance oil supplies to crafters and artisians worldwide. We blend and sell our premium undiluted fragrance oils and offer top shelf accessories for all of your fragrancing adventures.

You can use fragrance oils to: make bath and body products (such as shower gels, lotions, body scrubs, bath bombs and soaps), to make candles, to make perfumes, use in an oil warmer, use as a potpourri refresher, use in lamp rings, to make incense, to freshen up your sachets, to make reed diffuser oils, scent dryer balls, freshen your linens, scent pine cones and much, much more ! You can even add a few drops to your bath water to pamper yourself ! (Go ahead- you deserve it !)

Our fragrance oils are phthalate and nitro musk free, are gluten free, do not contain palm or coconut oil, and we never test on animals.

Quality, affordable products and exceptional customer service are our priority ! Come shop with someone who values your business. :)

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