Fragrance Oil Information

Are your oils sold by weight or volume ?

Our fragrance oils are sold by weight. Fill levels on different scents may vary based on the weight of the particular oil itself.


Are your fragrance oils phthalate-free ?

The majority of our oils are phthalate free. This information is listed on each individual fragrance oil page.


Can I return or exchange a fragrance oil if I don't like it ?

No. All sales are final. Due to health and sanitary concerns, and to protect the integrity of our oils, fragrance oils are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable. We recommend purchasing sample sizes to ensure that you (or your customers) like the scents and that they perform properly in your applications before investing in large sizes. Note: Fragrance oils can best be judged when used in an actual application and not directly out of the bottle.


Can I apply your fragrance oils directly to my skin ?

No. Our fragrance oils are very concentrated and should not be applied directly from the bottle to the skin. They must first be added to a carrier oil (such as olive oil, jojoba oil or sunflower oil) or product base (soap, lotion, shower gel, perfume base, body spray base, etc.).


What is the best way to store fragrance oils ?

It is best to store fragrances out of direct sunlight. A dark, cool cupboard or cabinet is ideal.


Are your fragrance oils tested on animals ?

Absolutely not. We love animals and do not test any of our products on animals.


Do your fragrances contain palm or coconut oils ?

Our fragrance oils do not contain palm or coconut oils.


Are your fragrance oils kosher ?

Our fragrance oils are not kosher.


Can I use your oils in oil burners ? Do I have to add anything to the oils ?

Yes you can use our fragrance oils in oil/tart burners. We recommend mixing our fragrance oils 50/50 with dipropylene glycol, commonly referred to as DPG.


How do I dispose of fragrance oils ?

Never dispose of fragrance oils down your sink or drains. We recommend contacting your local waste management company for proper disposal. Fragrance oils are non toxic and non hazardous which is helpful information for them to know. You can always sell your fragrance oils or give them to a crafty friend as well.


Are your fragrance oils all natural ?

While fragrance oils often contain natural essential oils and aromatic ingredients, they almost always contain synthetic ingredients and cannot be considered all natural.


What is the shelf life of fragrance oils ?

When stored properly, out of direct sunlight and well sealed, fragrance oils have a shelf life of approximately one year.


Can fragrance oils be used to make incense sticks ?

Yes !  We recommend a 2:1 solution of DPG to Fragrance Oil for incense sticks. Soak the sticks for 24 hours. Remove the sticks and allow them to dry before using.


Are your fragrance oils vegan ?

Yes, our fragrance oils are vegan.


Are your fragrance oils gluten free ?

Yes. Our fragrance oils are gluten free. This pertains to the handling and wearing of fragrances as they should not be consumed.


Do your fragrance oils contain any nut products ?

No. Fragrance oils are synthetic and do not contain any actual nuts.


My oil has crystalized ! What can I do ?

Some fragrance oils (especially those with higher vanillin contents) can crystalize in colder temperatures. Crystalization during shipping in colder weather is an expected (and normal!) occurrence in some fragrances due to their ingredient composition. We are in Wisconsin where winters are pretty cold, not to mention your oil has likely been in a cold truck while on it's way to you. The vanillin in the oil gets cold and can appear sludgy. Your oil is not ruined!

There is an easy solution to fix the problem! Run some hot (not boiling) water into a pot or bowl (or even your sink). Set the bottle of fragrance oil into it. Leave for a few minutes. Remove the bottle and gently shake. If some crystals, sludgies or floaties remain- repeat this process until the crystals dissolve and reabsorb into the oil.

Crystallization does not affect the scent or performance of the oil.


Where can I find more information about your fragrance oils ?

We have some "Good To Know" and safety information right here:



Ordering Information

Do you have a minimum ordering requirement ?

No. We welcome orders of all sizes.


Do you offer a printed catalog ?

No. Because we are continually adding new scents, it would be next to impossible (and very costly) to keep a printed catalog up to date. All of our current product offerings are available online.


How are your fragrance oils shipped ?

Our fragrance oils are shipped in natural HDPE bottles for safety from breakage.


Are insurance/expedited shipping/rush order options available ?

Absolutely ! Please contact us for help with adding insurance to your package, for expedited shipping options or to find out about our rush services.


Where do you ship from ?

Indigo Fragrance is located and ships from beautiful central Wisconsin.


What forms of payment do you accept ?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Paypal. You can also use your American Express if you choose Paypal at checkout and pay via American Express through the Paypal platform.


What is your order processing time ?

We strive to make and ship all orders as quickly as possible. Normal turnaround time is 1-3 business days. Turnaround times may increase after large sales or Holidays. Please note that out of stock items may also delay shipment of your order. (You will be contacted via e-mail if an out of stock situation occurs).


What do I do if an order is damaged or incorrect ?

Any damage or incorrect items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Photographs of any damage/loss will be requested, so please do not throw package away until after photos have been submitted. If a package is heavily damaged upon receipt, please refuse package.


What do I do if an order is showing as delivered but I have not received it ?

If the tracking number on your order is showing as delivered, we will NOT refund or replace items until a claim is decided in your favor. We will be happy to file a claim for you or assist you with a claim and refund you or replace the items if the claim is settled in your favor.



Other Information

What is a Flash Point ?

Flash Point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid will generate enough vapor to ignite when exposed to a source of ignition such as a spark or flame.


How big is a sample size ?

A sample vial is 1.15 ml in size or  0.03888613 oz. It is the size of a standard perfume sample vial. It is just enough to get a sniff of what a fragrance smells like or to do a small test to see how the fragrance oil works in your chosen application.


Do you have a store front ?

We do not have a store front that is open to the public.


Do you have Guidelines for product reviews ?

Indigo Fragrance welcomes all honest product reviews- both favorable and unfavorable. You must purchase a product before you can rate and review it and reviews must be written in English. Please submit your review using the same e-mail address that you used when purchasing the product being reviewed. We prefer performance reviews versus out of bottle reviews, as we feel that they offer more insight to other customers who are considering purchasing. We do have some guidelines and reserve the right to not publish reviews that violate our guidelines.

1) No profanity, obscene or spiteful remarks. No bashing other reviewers for offering their honest opinions.

2) No advertising of yourself or competing businesses.

3) No external URLs or personal information. For your privacy, do not put your postal address, website address, or phone number on your review as this is posted publicly.

4) Reviews intended to intentionally harm our business, other businesses, persons or product sales.